Putting English to Work 2


Unit 1 - Looking for an Apartment
apartment vocabulary, abbreviations in classified ads, simple past tense

Workbook Unit 1 pages 1-21

Unit 2 Agreements
oral & written agreements, repairs, telephone conversations, simple past tense questions
Workbook Unit 2 pages 25-43


Unit 3 Moving into a New Apartment

past tense irregular verbs, feelings, present & past of verb to be, locations
Workbook Unit 3 pages 47-69

Unit 4 Restaurant & Clinic
ordering food, directions, visiting a clinic, body parts & ailments
Workbook Unit 4 pages 73-95


Unit 5 Lunch & the Doctor

expressing goals, future tense will/won't, at the doctor's office, health problems
Workbook Unit 5 pages 1-21

Unit 6 Apartment Problems & Bottle Directions

reporting problems to an apartment manager; following directions on labels
Workbook Unit 6 pages 25-41


Unit 7 Talking about Jobs

looking for a job, talking about skills & abilities, using can & can't
Workbook Unit 7 pages 45-67

Unit 8 Job Responsibilities

work days, job applications, discussing work skills & responsibilities, calling in late/sick
Workbook Unit 8 pages 71-91