Putting English to Work I


Unit 1 - What's Your Name?
alphabet, introductions, classroom vocabulary, grammar BE

Workbook pages 1-14

Unit 2 – Where Do You Live?
personal information, time, numbers, everyday activities, present simple & continuous
Workbook pages 15-29


Unit 3 – The Calendar
Workbook pages 30-43
days, dates, addresses, telephone messages, months, places, negative of verb Be

Unit 4 – Special Occasions
Workbook pages 44-59

invitations, countries,  holidays, like + noun, like to + verb, yes/no & when questions


Unit 5 – Tell Me About Your Family
Workbook pages 60-72

family, school personnel, school locations, verb HAVE, possessives

Unit 6 – How Much Is It?

Workbook pages 73-87

money, prices, store locations, jewelry, yes/no & how questions, quantifiers, prepositions


Unit 7 – Places in the Neighborhood

Workbook pages 88-99


directions, read a map, community places, there is/are, location prepositions

Unit 8 – Ordering Food

Workbook pages 100-112

restaurant, verb WANT, object pronouns


Unit 9 – Getting Ready for an Earthquake
Workbook pages 113-123

earthquake preparedness, safety signs, commands, prepositions

Unit 10 – Parts of the Body
Workbook pages 124-136

health questions, 911, body parts, aches & pains, simple present, singular/plural nouns


Unit 11 – Going to the Doctor
Workbook pages 137-148

follow doctor’s orders, read medicine labels, medicine, imperatives


Unit 12 – What Do You Do?
Workbook pages 149-161

help wanted signs, jobs, duties, can/can’t, future plans



Unit 13 – Applying for a Job
Workbook pages 162-174
applying for a job, occupational duties, review of questions

Unit 14 – A Job Interview
Workbook pages 175-187

describing clothing, colors, job interview questions, sales ads, verb Have To


Unit 15 – Changing Work Schedules
Workbook pages 188-201
work schedules, appointments, excuses, verbs Need To, Have To

Unit 16 – Asking for Help at Work
Workbook pages 202-212

asking for help, giving & following instructions, office equipment, sequence adverbs, Have to


Unit 17 – Your House or Apartment
Workbook pages 213-224
rooms, rental ads, parts of house, abbreviations, yes/no questions, information questions

Unit 18 – Furniture and Appliances
Workbook pages 225-240

garage sale ads, furniture, appliances, adjectives, prepositions of place, questions with which


Unit 19 – Transportation
Workbook pages 241-256
applying for a job, occupational duties, review of questions

Unit 20 – Weather
Workbook pages 271-291
weather forecasts, leisure activities, seasons, past tense of verb BE, Future with Be going to

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