ESL040 Grammar IV Final Exam Study Guide

Spring 2013


The final exam is cumulative.  That means everything that has been studied in this class will be on the test.  We will not have regular classes next week.  Next week is for final exams/projects/presentations only.


The final exam will be on Tuesday, May 7, from 1:00 pm to 2:50 pm.  


Notice that the times are different from the regular class meeting time!  These times were not chosen by Diane; they were scheduled by the college (see the final exams schedule at ). 
We will not meet on Thursday, May 9.


To prepare for the test, the best strategy is to review your 3 previous tests on:

1.  Chapter 11 Nouns & Articles and Chapter 12 Adjective Clauses,
2.  The Conditional
3.  Chapter 10 - The Passive.

4.  There will also be new questions on Noun Clauses from Chapter 14.


In addition, review your graded computer quizzes
1.  HW2 Computer quiz on articles
2.  HW3 Computer quiz on zero & 1st conditional

3.  HW5 Computer quiz on the second conditional
4.  HW6 Computer quiz on the third conditional
5.  HW7 Computer quiz on the simple present & simple past passive voice -
6.  HW8 Computer quiz on the present perfect & future passive voice -
7.  HW9 Computer quiz on the present & past progressive passive voice -

8.  Final Exam Review -


If you have extra time, review the textbook & workbook exercises, the handouts, and these Powerpoint practice activities:
1.  Review various tenses in the passive voice  PowerPoint activity.

2.  Sentences describing laws, rules, or recommendations using modals in the passive voice Powerpoint .
3. Powerpoint to review using whose in adjective clauses (Ex. 20 on page 360) and handout on prepositions in adjective clauses
4.  Noun clauses with where, when how, what,  if/whether - Powerpoint

5.  Handout on the conditional


Good luck!  Relax and have confidence in yourself!