Technology-based Learning Activities

Master Hyperlink List & Examples


compiled by Diane Stonebrink, ESL Faculty at Estrella Mountain Community College

updated 5/10/07



The following is a list of online or downloadable generators, templates, & software for creating web-based quizzes and activities (also some computer-based and PowerPoint game templates are listed at the end).  Most of the generators listed here are free or reasonably priced.  There are also examples of how I've used them to create materials for my students.  If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to email me at


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Web-based/Online Generators:


Free / Mike Capstick's Quiz Master

The creator of this site, Australia-based Mike Capstick, provides a free online generator for 9 interactive (individual student vs. computer) web-based quiz games/activities that you can save to your computer as html/js files and run from your own server, BlackBoard/WebCT, or run from disk. An additional 11 activities can be created if you purchase the standalone generator (an application that can be downloaded to your computer and used to generate all 20 activities) for $40.  Capstick's website includes instructions and sample games.  See below for additional examples.


ESL Sample Activities using Quiz Master Online & Standalone Generator

The following sample games were created using Mike Capstick's Quiz Master generators and run from my faculty web space on the EMCC server.  Most demonstrate how additional graphics can be added into the html pages created by Capstick's generators by using FrontPage or Dreamweaver.


$ Escape from the Dragon's Lair:  Passive Review passive/dragon.htm

This activity was originally created using Capstick's Escape from the Dragon's Lair online generator; unfortunately he has taken several of his generators, including this one, off his list of "freebies".  One now has to purchase a $40 license for a standalone version (he'll email you a link to download from the web) to use this generator.


$ Who Wants to be a Millionaire? - My Wild Grandma

Practice with mixed verb tenses and forms (infinitives, participles) to describe the actions of an unusual grandmother.

This activity was created with Capstick's Millionaire generator, which is available on the standalone/downloadable version (not the free online version) of his application.  After generating the html page, I used FrontPage to insert some additional graphics to help illustrate the questions.


$ Who Wants to be a Millionaire? - Simple Past Tense Past Tense/Past Tense Millionaire.htm

Practice choosing the correct simple past tense verb form.

This activity does not contain additional graphics.  It demonstrates what can be done simply using Capstick's Millionaire generator; no programming/editing knowledge is required.


$ Upgrade Your Wheels:  The Johnson's Chores

Practice with simple present tense to describe a husband and wife's routines around the yard and in the house.

This activity was created using Capstick's Upgrade Your Wheels generator (on the standalone version), and then graphics to illustrate the questions were added by using FrontPage to edit the html page.  In this game, you start with a broken bicycle.  For every correct answer chosen from the drop-down menu, the better your mode of transportation becomes!


$ Mystery Animal:  Verbs

This activity was created using Capstick's Upgrade Your Wheels generator, but it demonstrates how different photos can be substituted for the cars to create a different feel to the activity.  This particular exercise was created for ESL043 Vocabulary for ESLIV  and practices using vocabulary/verbs related to animals (mammals & rodents).  The more answers one gets correct, the clearer (less pixelated)  the image to the right becomes. All one has to do is use a program such as Adobe Photoshop to pixelate a series of jpg images, and then substitute those images for the car jpgs that come with Capstick's original generator.  Instead of pixilation, I used the crystallization tool to create the images in this activity:


$ QuizBoard:  Media Vocabulary

This activity was created using Capstick's QuizBoard generator on the standalone version.  Additional graphics were inserted into the code so that the board spaces contained pictures related to the vocabulary being studied in the Leisure/Media unit in an ESL043 class.  The following link below shows what the activity looks like just using Capstick's generator:


$ Dungeonpedia - Health Idioms Level 1

Practice choosing a health-related idiom or phrasal verb.

This activity was created using Capstick's Dungeonpedia generator (not on the freebie list of the online generators, but comes with the purchase of the standalone generator).  It's a fun one!  It draws on the same style of text file that QuizBoard runs on, so files can be swapped for additional practice with the same questions but in a different game interface.


$ Monkey Race:  Alex's Bad Day at the Office's%20Bad%20Day%203%20-%20Monkey%20Race.htm

Practice with simple past tense to describe a man's bad day at the office. 

This activity was created with Mike Capstick's Racing Quiz generator (standalone version); one has the option of choosing blowflies, monkeys, or race cars when using this generator.  After the html page was generated, a few additional graphics to help illustrate the questions were inserted using FrontPage.


$ Blowfly Barbecue RacePast Participle Race Past Participle/Past Participle Barbecue Race.htm
Choose the correct past participle verb form.

This activity shows what can be done without editing the code; it does not contain additional graphics and was created in a few minutes just by using Capstick's online generator.


$ Battlestar:  Rosie's Day[3]ros.htm

Practice with simple past tense to describe some events in a homemaker's day.

This activity was created with Capstick's Battlestar generator (on the standalone version).  Click on "Load question."  Read the question and look at the numbered pictures.  Decide if the correct answer is A, B, C, D.  Click on the starship that is in vector A, B, C, D.  If the answer is correct, the alien starship will explode and no human hostages will lost. 


Free Sink the Fleet:  Rosie's Day's%20Day.htm

Same questions & additional graphics used in the Battlestar activity.

This was created with Capstick's free online generator.  The game is loosely based on the traditional "Battleship" game.   After you get an answer correct, you get one try at bombing an enemy ship that is hiding the Caribbean. 


Free Super TicTacToe:  The Vacation that Didn't Happen

Practice with simple past tense verb forms to describe problems when trying to go on vacation.

This activity was created with Capstick's free online generator.  After the html page was generated, a few additional graphics to help illustrate the questions were inserted using FrontPage.


Free Bankrupt!  Past Participle Past Tense/Bankrupt! Past Participle.htm 

Practice choosing the correct past participle verb form.

This was created with Capstick's free online generator. It is a Hangman-type of game.  This activity does not contain additional graphics. 




$ Quia -

Quia (pronounced key-ah, short for Quintessential Instructional Archive)  is a great subscription site ($49/year) that provides online generators and hosting service for creating quizzes (with very thorough tracking statistics) and 16 different types of online activities, including flashcards, matching, concentration (memory), word search, hangman, jumbled words, ordered list, picture perfect, pop-ups, challenge board (jeopardy-type game), scavenger hunt, rags to riches (a millionaire quiz-show style trivia game), columns, and cloze exercises. The activities are stored on Quia's server and cannot be saved to disk. Graphics and sound files can be easily added to several of the activities.


ESL Sample Activities using Quia Online Generator

$ Rags to Riches - Noun+Be+Noun:  Affirmative

Choose the phrase that correctly completes each sentence.  Pay attention to singular and plural agreements.

This activity imitates the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" game show format.


$  Matching, Flashcards, Concentration, & Word Search: Sports Verbs Vocabulary

By filling in one wizard with matching pairs of words/phrases, four different activities are generated:  matching, flashcards, concentration, and word search.


$ Challenge Board:  Verb Review

This is a Jeopardy-like game for 2 players.


$ Hangman:  Trees

This is a hangman-type game, but the template allows you to choose a starburst or falling bear character in addition to the traditional gallows design.


$ Piggy Bank Cloze:  Car parts

This has students to type a word into a sentence/paragraph.  If they're right, a coin falls into a piggy bank.


$ Columns:  More Time with Past, After, To, Before

Do you know that 9:40 can also be called twenty to ten?  Check your understanding of the use of past, after, to, and before by matching the time expressions.

This is a type of vocabulary matching activity created with Quia's Columns generator.


$ Audio Quiz:  Kitchen Locations

This shows how audio files and pictures (quia provides space, albeit limited, to upload pictures and sounds to connect to quizzes & other activities) can be used in a true/false quiz.




Free The Playstation @ UVSC (Utah Valley State College) -

This website provides a way to upload a text file written in a particular format to generate a mini-arcade of 8 game-type activities (6 are described below - the other 2 are Hangman and a Crossword Puzzle) and 2 very basic multiple-choice quizzes that can be saved and then run from your own web server, computer, Blackboard/WebCT.  The text file format is very easy to write in Word and then save as a .txt file; it uses the same question and multiple-choice answer format as is used for Respondus files.  The website gives directions on how to write in the proper format, and also directions for how to use any Respondus quiz files you might already have. You just select the games you want generated, upload the text file, and then save the resulting zip file with your selections.  In that zip file will be an index.htm that students can use to pick the format they want to practice with (e.g., ), or you can link directly to individual activities (see below).  The best thing about this site is that you can include feedback for each of the right/wrong answers in the activities for the students to learn from, although not all the games display this feedback.  


ESL Sample Activities using The Playstation Online/Upload Generator

Free Highway Crossing Frog - Passive Modals

Feedback enabled, but most of my students and I don't like this one; too much time is spent trying to get the blasted toad across the road without getting smashed, and too little time on actual questions. 


Free    Tic Tac Toe (a la Matrix) - Verb Tenses

Feedback enabled, and the game automatically scrambles the order of questions presented to the student each time the game is loaded.  It's not a multi-player game though; for a two-player tic tac toe game, use Birgit Ferran's script (listed below in Javascript templates).


Free Alien Invaders -

Feedback enabled, and the game doesn't scramble the order of questions presented to the student each time the game is loaded, but like the Highway Crossing Frog game, this is not a favorite amongst my students.  It's confusing in that they are supposed to shoot all the wrong answers (they usually aim for the right answer), and too much time is spent aiming and firing at all the wrong answers before you see if you got the question right or not.


Free Snakes and Ladders -

The website says this activity enables feedback, and the example game they link to from their site shows such feedback, but when I use their generator with the text file format they prescribe, the feedback does not show up as it does in the Tic Tac Toe or Alien Invader games.  If it weren't for that, this would be the best generator for this fun multi-player (up to 4 students can play against each other) game.  It is based on Birgit Ferran's original script, and there are other ways to generate this activity (see link in Javascript Template section below) so that the feedback does show up.


Free  Game Show -

UVSC has taken Alive Tek's Game Show script (see below) and modified it for their site.  Unfortunately, this version doesn't provide feedback on answers, nor does it seem one can categorize the questions even though the categories do show up in the game.


Free Learning Bazillionaire -

Yet another Who Wants to Be a Millionaire style game, this one does provide feedback if you type that into the text file format as described in the website's directions.



Free  AliveTek Games -

This website has an online generator to produce the question & answer file in .xml format.  Click on the links below for instructions on how to create content and download the resulting games.

Free Save Skelly!


Free Game Show



Free   ITC Flash Learning Games -

Dr. Dan Lim at the University of Minnesota at Crookeston has created generators for Challenge (who wants to be a millionaire-like), Category (jeopardy-like), and Clue games.  To use the online generator, you need to register (it's free), but then you can still only create 3 Challenge games which are hosted on their server.  I can't seem to find the setting to enable creation of the Category or Clue games, although there are many samples of these on the website.


ESL Sample Activities using ITC Flash Learning Game Generator

Free   Challenge

Another Millionaire-type activity



Free The Game-O-Matic -   (original (old/no longer being updated but still functional & free) site; updated site requiring registration (free)SMILE (server-managed interactive learning exercises)

These sites contain programs written by Dennie Hoopingarner of the Center for Language Education And Research (CLEAR) at Michigan State University. The old site allows you to generate 8 web-based activities:  Cloze, Storyboard/text reconstruction, Sentence Mix/scrambled sentences, Timed Matching, Drag and Drop/matching words or phrases, Concentration, Vocabulary Drill/type in the correct meaning, Multiple Choice.  Once generated,  you can save the htm/dhtml files to your computer and run from your own server or from disk.  No examples of the activities are provided at the site, but the PDF documentation shows screen shots of some.


ESL Sample Activities using the Game-O-Matic Online Generator

The following sample activities were created using Dennie Hoopingarner's Game-O-Matic generators.  Most demonstrate how images can be added into the activities by editing the source code after the htm files have been generated and saved to disk.


Free   Timed Matching:  Alice's Bad Day at the Office's%20Bad%20Day%20Timed%20Match.htm

Practice with simple past tense to describe a woman's bad day at the office.

This activity was created with the Time Matching generator.  After the activity was generated, the images were added by using FrontPage to insert them into the saved html page.


Free Sentence Mix:  Future Mix.htm

Practice with "be going to"  to express the future.

This scrambled sentence activity demonstrates the text-only type of exercise that the Game-O-Matic's Sentence Mix generator produces.


Free Sentence Mix: Betty's Typical Day

Practice with simple present verb tense and daily routine vocabulary.

This activity was created with the Sentence Mix generator.  The images were added by using FrontPage.




Free The Makers -

A free suite of web-based generators for 11 interactive activities (variations on cloze, matching, multiple choice, drag and drop, memory, true/false) developed through the Mellon Tri-College (Swarthmore, Haverford, Bry Mawr) Learning Grant. Thorough instructions and examples for each activity are available at their website.  The Makers automatically generate separate files for both Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers.   You can save the files to run through your own server or from disk. In addition to the 11 activities, the Glossmaker and Dictomaker, tools for adding glosses to selected text or a frame link to a web-based dictionary, are available.


ESL Sample Activities using The Makers Online Generator

The following sample activities were created using the three types of Placemaker generators and  the Matchmaker2 generator.  These free online generators enable images to be added by simply typing in the image URLs into the Makers wizards.


Free Placemaker - Sharing a Bathroom
Practice with the present progressive verb tense.

Drag the sentences that use correct grammar and vocabulary to accurately describe the picture into its center. If you are right, the background of the sentence will turn green. Otherwise, it will turn red.


Free Placemaker2 - Sofa/Sink SofaSink.htm
Practice with the present progressive verb tense.

Read the sentences under the two pictures.  Drag the sentences that use correct grammar and vocabulary into the center of the appropriate picture. If you are right, the box around the sentences for the picture on the left will turn yellow and the box around the sentences on the right will turn orange.  If you are wrong, the color of the sentences will not change.


Free Placemaker3 - The TV Room
Practice with household items/furniture vocabulary.

Drag the words on top of the objects they describe in the picture. If a word turns green, you have identified the object correctly (if you are sure you are correct but the word doesn't turn green, move it around a little).


Free   MatchMaker2:  Fred's Routine

Practice with the simple present verb tense.

Drag and drop the 6 graphics below the phrases they match.



Free WebAuthor from University of Pennsylvania -

As this website states, "All you need is enter your data in the fields given, and the requested form is generated on the fly. You can simply copy the source code and keep it in your web space, or even leave them in our server and use our web address".  Dr. Vasu Renganathan of the University of Pennsylvania has created 18 exercise variations (examples are given of each at the website), including speed reading and interactive (glossed) reading activities, and several True/False exercise types.  Using the free online generator at the site, one can create the activities and save them to disk.

5/10/07 Note:  It seems that the links to the examples are dead.  I'll have to investigate further....



JavaScript Templates:

These are not online or software generators; rather, the authors of the following activities have given their permission for the scripts & files to be copied/downloaded for editing of the source code to create new activities.  A courtesy credit to the original template authors should be included when using the templates.


Free Birgit's Multi-Player Activities

Many students enjoy competing against each other rather than working alone with the computer.  Birgit Ferran has created a trio of games (Snakes & Ladders, Picture Puzzle, Tic Tac Toe) which allows 1-4 students to play against each other on one computer.  To modify the games and add one's own content, just open the questions.js file with Notepad or Wordpad and overwrite the questions/answers with one's own. Note 5/1/07:  The links to the zip file downloads of the three games are currently not on Birgit's website at , but you can download the zip files by clicking on the links below.  These zip files contain: 

1)  A link to an example of a game (see links below for some examples also)

2)  Instructions for overwriting the script with one's own questions - just click on the html instructions page to open it

2) The html game template

3) The question.js file to open with Notepad, Wordpad, or whatever text editor you prefer

4) A folder of any additional graphics used in the game


Here are those zip folder download links:

Download Snakes and Ladders zip file

Download Picture Puzzle zip file

Download Tic Tac Toe zip file


Birgit's Snakes & Ladders script has become quite popular.  Different websites have adapted her original script (see ) and even created generators to help write questions for it so that one doesn't have to go into the questions.js file to overwrite her original questions with one's own.  Utah Valley State College (see more about their generators in the entry about The Play Station @ UVSC ) has created a generator that allows one to upload questions written in a Respondus quiz type of format to generate this game.  Fabien Olivry has also created an offline generator called La Vouivre that will create a web-based Snakes and Ladders in French, German, English, or Portuguese.  The questions.js file that this application generates can also be used with Birgit's Tic Tac Toe and Picture Puzzle games.  Click here to download La Vouivre, and then when you open that .exe file to launch the program, just click on the flag icons to select English for the interface.


ESL Sample Activities using Birgit Ferran's Javascript Templates

Free Snakes & Ladders for 1-4 Players Example Games


Free Tic Tac Toe for 1-2 Players Example Game


Free Picture Puzzle for 1 Player Example Game (same JavaScript question file as used in the Snakes & Ladders game)



Javascript Games by Pok-Ching Lee


Free Word Puzzle Wheel - Download zip file here

A game for 1 to 3 players.  Click on spin wheel to set the wheel in motion, and then click on the spin wheel button again to stop it and choose a letter.  The zip file download contains a readme file that will explain how to edit the .js file to add your own content.


Free  Leisure Idioms

The above is a sample of how this template was used for a ESL044 Idiomatic English for Level IV course.  Students see a sentence and must guess the "idiomatic" way of the sentence.


Free Millionaire Game Download zip file here (this zip file also contains other Pok-Ching games, such as Hangman & Memory)

Link to Sample Game (script demo) and script download of Pok-Ching Lee's Millionaire game.  The great thing about this millionaire-type game is that it scrambles the order of the questions  Most other millionaire-type games present the student with the same set of questions in the same order, so after a few rounds of play the game becomes old, but Pok-Ching Lee's script presents students with a different batch of questions each time it reloads.  See his original example:



Free JavaScript Games by Jan Mulder -

A few javascript codes for educational games, including Hangman, Wordsearch, Crossword Puzzle, and Memory Squares, are available for free download from this site.


Free  ESL Sample - Kitchen Gadgets the Kitchen/Kitgadgmemsq.html

This was created using Mulder's Memory Squares script.  It's a timed concentration-type game; the only trick is that all the images and words must be converted to gif image files before inserting into the source code.



Free Javascript Activities by Marmo Soemarmo

This author has created 15 activity templates.  The following ESL sample was created using the Multiple Choice By Clicking Images template.  It is very easy code to edit and you can add as many more arrays/questions as you want.


Free Describing Hair

Practice with vocabulary for describing hair.




Flash Templates

Free Flash Multiple Choice Quiz Templates by Diane Stonebrink

These templates use a script modified from one I found in Gary Rosenzweig's Macromedia Flash MX Actionscript for Fun and Games book.  Most of the graphics used in the templates come from . A few of the nifty 3d backgrounds come from D. Hedlund of .  To use the templates with your own content, just download the zip file by clicking on the link next to the screenshot.  In the zip file will be a text file, .swf file, and html file.  Just open the text file and overwrite the existing directions (e.g., write instructions here, write question here, write correct answer here, write wrong answer here) with your own questions and answers.  Click here for an example of this type of text file for quizzes with 3 multiple choice selections, and click here for a text file with 4 choices.  You can add as many more questions and answer to the text file array as you want.


ESL Sample Activities using the Flash Quiz Templates:

Free Download Quiz Template Zip File

Coordinating Conjunctions - Tutorial & Quiz

Quiz only -


Free Download Quiz Template Zip File

Simple Present Passive - Tutorial & Quiz

Quiz only -


Free Download Quiz Template Zip File

Simple Past Passive - Tutorial & Quiz

Quiz only -


Free Download Quiz Template Zip File

Present Progressive Passive - Tutorial & Quiz

Quiz only -


Free Download Quiz Template Zip File

Present Perfect Passive - Tutorial & Quiz

Quiz only -


Free Download Quiz Template Zip File

Modals in the Passive


Free Download Quiz Template Zip File

Simple Passive Infinitive


Free Download Quiz Template Zip File

Simple Passive Gerund


Free Download Quiz Template Zip File

Past Active Infinitive



Past Active Gerund


Free Download Quiz Template Zip File

Past Passive Infinitive


Free Download Quiz Template Zip File

Past Passive Gerund


Free Download Quiz Template Zip File

Verb/Adjective + Preposition + Infinitive



Participial Adjectives - These all draw from the same quiz text file and show how different templates can be swapped out. If you have problems opening the .swf file, simply type in .html at the end of the address instead of .swf in your browser window.   -  Download Quiz Template Zip File -  Download Quiz Template Zip File -  Download Quiz Template Zip File  -  Download Quiz Template Zip File


Free Download Quiz Template Zip File

Home-Related Idioms


Free Download Quiz Template Zip File

Transportation-Related Idioms


Free Download Quiz Template Zip File

Health-Related Idioms


Free Download Quiz Template Zip File

Shopping-Related Idioms


Free Download Quiz Template Zip File

Irregular Past Tense Verbs



Flash Game Templates from HCI Training

Free - there's a hangman type game and a football-themed multiple choice matching game.  The template can be changed to a Christmas tree with ornaments theme by typing in "tree"  or "spring" (you get the directions on how to do this when you download the zip file for these templates) instead of football in the .xml text file that this template draws its questions from (click here for an example of the text file).  I like the spring template best because the student gets a visual clue if the answer is right or wrong; the football template is fun, but the student only gets auditory feedback (stadium crowd cheers if right; boos if wrong), so if the volume on the computer isn't on, the student doesn't know if the answer was right or wrong.  Also, it takes longer because the answers are flying by, and if the right answer goes past, the student has to wait a bit before it flies by again.


ESL Sample Activities using HCI Training Templates


Modal Verbs of Ability -





Free SpellMaster -

A website that has online & offline generators for 4 vocabulary text-to-text matching/spelling game templates (JigWord, MatchWord, SpeedWord, PhraseDaze) and 3 text-sound templates which use Macromedia Flash to generate swf and html files. The following examples show varying the order of word/definition/sound files in the text file that the template draws from results in more than just 7 types of activities.  They show how the activity looks as a swf file and as a html file (sometimes the sizing is rather small in the html file in the Netscape Browser; seems ok in the IE browser).


ESL Sample Activities using Spellmaster Templates

Free Jigword2 (drag the word to its matching definition)


All the following use vocabulary related to attitudes/emotions:

Free Matchword2 (match the definition and word - memory-style card game for 2 players) worddef/matchword2.html worddef/matchword2.swf


Free Speedword2 (see a definition and click the letters below to spell the word it matches before the time on the clock runs out) worddef/speedword2.html worddef/speedword2.swf

Free WordWeb (see a definition and click the letters in order to spell the word) worddef/wordweb.html worddef/wordweb.swf


Free  Jigsound1 (click on a speaker on the left to hear a word and drag the matching word on the right over) word/jigsound1.html

Jigsound1 (click on a speaker on the left to hear a sentence and drag the target vocabulary word your heard in the sentence from the right over to the left) sent/jigsound1.html

Jigsound1 (click on a speaker on the left to hear a definition and drag the target vocabulary word your heard in the sentence from the right over to the left) def/jigsound1.html


Free ListenMatch (this is like the text-text Matchword2, but this template allows you to have students match a word and a sound - word, definition, sentence, etc.) def/listenmatch.html


Free Listen & Spell (this is like the Speedword2 activity, but this template allows you to have students spell a word that they hear - alone, in a sentence context, defined, etc.) word/speak1.html



Ecole d'Henouville Flash Templates

A French site, but many different fun templates for free download.  The question files are in .txt format and can be altered, but the .swf templates have some French directions that cannot be altered.  Note 5/10/07: It seems the site has moved.  The new address,, doesn't seem to have links to download the templates.



Standalone/Downloadable Software to Create Web-based Activities:

Free /  ContentGenerator.Net -

The creator of this site, Britain-based Andrew Field, has created standalone/downloadable generators for several suites of games (currently 3 suites with 4-5 games each). The games can be purchased individually (unfortunately, at the current rate of exchange, that means about $53 for each) or by the suite.  Fortunately, he does have two free downloads; one is called Half a Min, a timed Hangman-type activity, and the other is for a very entertaining millionaire-type activity called Fling the Teacher - for each answer one gets correct, a piece of a medieval trebuchet is built.  If you get enough answers correct, the trebuchet will fling a professor across a field.  It's a good one, and I also recommend one of his pricier games, Walk the Plank.  My students love that one. Andrew also recently created a Deal or No Deal-like game called Grade or No Grade (although unfortunately it uses British rather than American-style grades), which he gives as a free download if you have purchased one of his other games. Check out examples below:


Free ESL014 Health Idioms example of Fling the Teacher


$ ESL040 Gerunds & Infinitives example of Walk the Plank


Free / $ Grade or No Grade



Teaching Templates (TAC) Software   (directions for ordering/downloading software)

This shareware ($24.95 for a single-user license) creates 9 web-based activities that can be run from a server or disk; 2 of these, Mastermind (jeopardy-like) and Playtime (slots/multiple choice) are multi-player games in which two students can play against each other on one computer.  The software wizards are easy to use and images can be added to some of the activities without source code editing.  A site license has been purchased for EMCC!


ESL/English Sample Activities:

 $ Mastermind - A Day in the Life

Practice with daily routine vocabulary

This example was created by D. Stonebrink using Teaching Templates "Mastermind" (a Jeopardy-type game for 2 students to play on one computer) generator.  Graphics were added into the source code after the file was created and saved to disk.


$ Mastermind - ENG071 Review 1

This example shows the text-only question version, generated by Teaching Templates, with no graphics added/html editing.


$ Playtime - ENG071 Review 2

This activity was created using Teaching Templates' Playtime activity generator.  It is a slot machine/gambling type of game which allows 2 students to play against each other on one computer.


$ Energy Saver - Francis at Work

This example was created with Teaching Templates' Energy Saver, a hangman type of activity.  The software allows easy insertion of graphics - no html editing required.


$ Multiple Choice - Moving into a New House into a House - Future with Going.html into a House - Present Progressive.html into a House - Simple Past.html into a House - Simple Present.html

These exercises were created with Teaching Templates' Multiple Choice generator, which allows for easy insertion of graphics (no html/source code editing required).  Each exercise uses the same set of images, which saves server/disk space.



Free Hot Potatoes Half-Baked Software

University of Victoria's Hot Potatoes suite includes 6 applications/generators which enable you to create multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill web-based exercises to run online or from disk. It is free of charge for non-profit educational users who make their pages available on the web.


ESL Sample Activities:

 Free Video Exercises using Hot Potatoes

Page with hyperlinks to activities that show how video files can be embedded in exercises generated with the Hot Potatoes software (multiple choice, cloze, drop-down matching, drag and drop matching; the sentence mix activity was created using D. Hoopingarner's Game-O-Matic, which is much easier & faster to use than the Hot Potatoes mixed sentence generator).  


Free JQuiz - Multiple Choice:  In the Clothing Store

This activity demonstrates how the Hot Potatoes allows you to insert graphic and audio (wav) files. 


Free JCross - Crossword Puzzle:  Verbs of Movement

This activity demonstrates how you can make a crossword puzzle that uses animated gifs (graphics) for the clues rather than text (which is also possible).


Free JMatch - Flash Cards:  In the Yard

Click on the asterisk near the top to see a picture; click on it again to see the matching vocabulary word.


Free JMatch - Drop-down Matching:  Jack and Jill's Story


Free  JMatch - Drag and Drop:  Emotions 2 and Walk, Jog, Run - Verbs of Movement

This activity is very similar to the type of matching activity that you can create with the Makers website's Matchmaker2 generator; the only difference is that unlike the Makers site, you can include more than six images (the images in the Hot Potatoes suite run vertically along the page rather than horizontally).  However, it is very tricky (but not impossible) to drag a word to a picture that falls below the visible screen line; when you scroll down to see more images, the word usually pops back up to its original position on the screen.  If you want to make a longer exercise, Hot Potatoes lets you link multiple pages, as in this exercise:

(click on the words "click here for more practice" at the top of the screen after you open the page to go to the next group of words to drag/drop).


Free JCloze - Gap-Fill:  The Life of an Egg

Students can watch a video (link to a video on another website), then choose the correct preposition to complete the story in this cloze-type activity.


Free JMix - I Know a Man - Adjective Clauses

Similar to Dennie Hoopingarner's Game-O-Matic sentence mix (scrambled words/sentences) generator.



Applications to Create Computer-based (not web-based) Activities:


   Game Show Wizard -

These activities run from individual computers or disks rather than from a web server; the software allows you to create questions and answers that are used in games that run from separate .exe files.  Pathos Learning's suite of 8 multi-player games is quite entertaining and a good value at $59.95 for single-user/instructor license, which permits you to run all/any of the 8 activities on 35 computer stations.  For more information on licensing, see out the screenshots below of the games:



  Gepeto Software -

This company has various suites of activities that run from individual computers rather than from a web server (although this is possible for more money); the software allows you to create questions and answers that are used in games that run from one program file.  I've used the Vocab Arcade and Grammar Pack applications, which cost $29.99 each.  In the Vocab Arcade, you get 40 different games for that one price!   For more information on licensing, see

Check out the screenshots below of just a few of the Vocab Arcade  games:



Free -  PowerPoint Templates:


M. Damon's Hollywood Squares

Direct link to the zip file download for Mark Damon's "Hillsborough Squares" (a Hollywood Squares type of game) PowerPoint template.  Humorous characters appear as "celebrities".

Mark Damon is the webmaster for the Hillsborough Township School District.  He has created four popular game show PowerPoint templates; links to them appear in many places on the web.  All four may be downloaded as zip/compressed files from:



M. Damon's Jeopardy for the Classroom

Direct link to the zip file download for Mark Damon's "Jeopardy" PowerPoint template.  Sound files to accompany the game are in the zipped folder. 


M. Hamlyn's Jeopardy for the Classroom
The PowerPoint Jeopardy template created by Matt Hamlyn is trickier to edit than Mark Damon's template, but also good.


G. Knapp's Jeopardy Game
Lynn Thigpen and Gail Knapp of Mott Community College have created three game shows that can be used as templates for creating your own games.  Download links to all three can be found at:


Communication Jeopardy

Game (communication topics) with five categories and ten questions in each category that can be overwritten to create a game of your own.


Stumpers from Mahec Medicine

According to the description from this website, "Stumpers are learning tools using television game show formats in which participants assume the roll of contestants in a game show.  There is a game board to provide categories and "dollar" amounts are assigned to the trivia-type questions and answers.  Stumpers are usually done as a presentation with the presenter as the game show host.  During the answer phase of the round, the host can present additional information to the audience pertinent to the question's topic".  Dozens of games for medical students can be downloaded from the site.  The download link for a blank/generic template is highlighted in lavender toward the lower right side of the web page.


M. Damon's Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Direct link to the zip file download for Mark Damon's "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" PowerPoint template.


Terri Street's Millionaire

This template is visually quite jazzy!


G. Knapp's Millionaire Game
This game, "Who Wants to Earn Loads of Extra Credit," (a la "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - this one contains many medical references), was created by Lynn Thigpen and Gail Knapp of
Mott Community College and can be overwritten/used as a template for creating your own game.


C. Stanley's Millionaire Game

Christine Stanley created the original, single slide version and Tom Duggan made modifications.


Techknow Genius - Millionaire Game

A little tricky to edit, but very interactive and sound included.


M. Damon's The Weakest Link

Direct download link to a blank template.


Andy Sahl's Family Feud

Direct download link to a PPT game that can be overwritten/used as a template to create your own.


Terri Street's  $100,000 Pyramid

Direct download link to a PPT game (contains many literary references/categories) that can be overwritten/used as a template to create your own.


Twenty Questions

Direct download link to a PPT template (not a zip file).



Parade of Games in PowerPoint

This site contains links to downloads of numerous activities.  Each link has a downloadable sample game and game template.  The links are repeated here:


Buzz Word Bingo

Correct Order

Diagram It

E-mail Game

Flash Cards

Idea Map


Multiple Choice games_parade_multiple_choice.html

Scavenger Hunt

What is the Truth?



What Am I?

Word Jumble

Word Search

Who Wants To Be A ...