ESL040  Chapter 10 Study Guide - The Passive:  Textbook & Workbook pages and Links to Handouts, Video Explanations, PowerPoints, Quizzes, & Web Exercises

Textbook -
Charts 10-1 through 10-5 on pages 258-269
Exercise 2 pp. 259-260
Exercise 5 p. 261
Exercise 6 p. 262
(very important!)
Exercise 9 p. 264
Exercise 19 p. 269

Practice 1 & 2 page 170
Practice 3 page 171
Practice 6 pages 173-175
(very important!),
Practice 8 p. 175
Practice 12 page 177
(very important!)
Practice 19 & 20 pages 181-182

Homework quizzes:

Computer quiz on the simple present & past passive voice - 
Computer Quiz on Future & Present Perfect Passive Voice -

New - ungraded extra practice quiz on the present & past progressive passive -

For Extra Review - Video Explanations

Simple Present Passive

Simple Past Passive

Present Perfect Passive

Future with Will Passive

Modals in the Passive

Present Progressive Passive

Past Progressive Passive


Passive with Modal Verbs  

Passive Review in Various Tenses & Question/Statement forms

Passive with Simple Present & Past Tenses

Extra Quizzes (optional)

Transitive or Intransitive Verb?

Finding Direct and Indirect Objects

Indirect Object Position

Future Passive with Will and Be Going To

Questions in the Passive

Modals in the Passive


Web Explanation/Exercises (optional)

Active Voice Verb Tense Review

Simple Present Passive with Beer

Simple Past Passive with Thieves

Present Perfect Passive in Space

Modals in the Passive with Snakes

Modals in the Passive w/Parking Problems 

Present Continuous Tutorial & Quiz

Been vs. Being


Passive Review

Passive Mixed Tenses

Active or Passive Voice?

Bill Gates's Car Mixed Passives