The 4 Types of Conditionals


Conditional sentences have two clauses:  a condition (if...) and a result.  The verb tenses used in each clause depends on whether the speaker thinks the result is probable (real) or only exists in the imagination (unreal).



TYPE 0 - The Zero Conditional for Present Facts & Routines (real) - explanation & fill-in exercise - explanation & 4 exercises - explanation & chart - multiple choice exercise
TYPE 1 - The First Conditional for Future Facts (real) - theory and exercises - match - complete sentences  - complete sentences - complete sentences - fill in the blanks - match - multiple choices -- multiple choices - make sentence - gap fill exercises - mix and match - complete the sentences - complete the sentences - rules and exercises

TYPE 2 - The Second Conditional for Present (or future) Imaginary Situations (dreams, wishes, untrue/unreal events now) - theory and exercises - multiple choice -multiple choice - fill in match -- gap fill exercises - - put in order

TYPE 3 -  The Third Conditional for Past Imaginary Situations (things that never happened - untrue/unreal past events) - explanation and exercise - explanation only explanation & exercise - multiple choice - multiple choice quiz theory and exercises - multiple choices - put in order - fill in the blanks - fill in the blanks - sentence writing practice paragraph fill in - multiple choice


Mixed - identifying conditional types



The Conditional then and now - the English Language is changing!

If I Were a Rich Man - song video If I Was a Rich Girl - song video


If I Had a Million Dollars - song example of the 2nd Conditional