08 December 2018 C.E.

Please take this very quick survey about scheduling courses. This is NOT the course evaluation for the current class.


07 December 2018 C.E.

I have received notice that very few of you have submitted the Class Climate (course evaluation) survey. Please look for the email sent to you from the college, and submit the survey to rate this course and me as your instructor. Thanks.

19 November 2018 C.E.

A message from Landis Elliott:

US Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center, USDA

PAID: $13.15- 16.52 per hour

Application Due Date: November 25, 2018


Description: USDA is looking for a student interested in helping geneticists to implement and conduct breeding trials, assist in experimental design, layout and analysis, apply chemical and biological materials to manage insects and diseases and collect data from field and greenhouse. USDAs preference would be a students that could work at the facility at least 3 days per week (there is a west valley carpool) for approximately 20 hours for a one year commitment. Student must have taken or be enrolled in BIO 181 and instructor recommendation is required (list instructor name and phone number in your online application).

Duties and Responsibilities:

Experience with operation of hydraulic machinery and other power equipment, or willing to learn.

Seed quality and quantity tests and trials.

Sorting, cleaning and store seeds inventories.

Lab chemical test for oil and fatty acid profiles and seed quality.

Willing to learn/experience with computer programming such as python, javascript office access.

18 November 2018 C.E.

A message from Sonya Zetlan:

Thinking about going into careers in science, math, or medicine?
Don't know much about how to get there?
Want a PAID summer internship to help you gain experience in the field?

Use this URL to enroll in a Canvas short-course!
Perusing the site should take you about 30 minutes.
You will learn about graduate school in many fields.
And, included at the end of the site is a list of hundreds of PAID summer internships in science and math.

Most internships listed are 6-10 weeks, and pay room, board, travel, and a stipend for the student ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The internships are offered by various universities and government agencies, and are designed for students from freshman to senior students. (There is even a section for high school students to encourage younger siblings and friends).

15 November 2018 C.E.

Be sure to refresh the page (click the button at the top left of the page) to reveal the Retake Option.

18 October 2018 C.E.

Examination 2 Descriptive Statistics
Historic Low Mean: 48.8
Historic High Mean: 68.2
Historic Overall Mean: 61.0
Current Term Mean: 58.9

08 October 2018 C.E.

I just noticed that a link to the Hybrid Assignments page has been missing from the menu. It is now restored. Sorry about that.

01 October 2018 C.E.

Since registration for the next term will be starting very soon, I want you to realize that the requirements have changed. Now, when you register for a course, you must pay or set up a payment plan on the same day that you register. Otherwise, you will be automatically withdrawn on the following day. This can cause you to be locked out if the course fills. Don't let that happen.

24 September 2018 C.E.

I need to modify my office hours for today. I will not be available from 13:30 - 14:30 today. This has a pretty good likelihood of affecting none of you, but I wanted to let you all know.

20 September 2018 C.E.

Here is the link to use for the NPR Recording: Bacteriome assignment.

The assignment is simply to write a one-page summary of what you learned in the interview, things you might have liked, things you might not have liked, etc.

This must be written in Word and uploaded here:

20 September 2018 C.E.

I've added a Field Trip link to the menu. Please visit it as soon as possible.

15 September 2018 C.E.

I have been erroneously locked out of Canvas by the college. Until this gets resolved, I will not be able to update any scores. Hopefully, they'll have this straightened out by Monday. I'll add this to the list of things to dislike about Canvas.

12 September 2018 C.E.

An alternative URL for the Why Don't Animals Have Wheels assignment is:'tanimalshavewheels.html

24 August 2018 C.E.

Now that my courses have been confirmed by Estrella, I have added office hours to my syllabus. I also corrected a couple small errors I found. You should obey the 24 August version.

Also, if you ever decide to visit me during an office hour, you'll notice that my office is a room (MON122A) that's in a suite (MON122). That means, you'll have to enter MON122 then look for my office at your left (assuming you don't walk backwards). Anyway, I'll try to be sure that the door to the suite is blocked open during my office hours (because it requires a card to unlock the door), but the suite is undergoing construction, so it might get closed by someone else. If you can't get the door open, just knock loudly, and I'll come and open it.

Enjoy the weekend.

24 August 2018 C.E.

If you are in the Honors Program and you're curious about my policy, you should know that I do allow honors projects to be completed for this course, but only if you score within the A range on the first examination.

17 August 2018 C.E.

Please realize that if you do not attend the first meeting, you will be withdrawn form the course. If something arises that prevents you from attending on 22 August, you must contact me immediately ( to prevent such withdrawal. Thanks, and I'll see you Wednesday.

16 August 2018 C.E.

I want everyone to realize that, although there is a cost for the required Mastering enrollment for this course, it is possible to register using a free, 14-day trial. Therefore, please do not put off registering for financial reasons. However, if you don't pay within the free two weeks, you will be locked out (until you do pay), and I won't see any work that you will have submitted up to that point, so DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE DEADLINE. Another advantage of using the free trial period is that if you end up withdrawing from the course, you won't have to worry about any Mastering refund hassles.

15 August 2018 C.E.

In addition to reading my Textbooks page, you should also use this document for reference.

01 August 2018 C.E.

A message from Becky Baranowski:

What: Engineering/Computer Science Scholarship
How much: $800 each semester
How to qualify:
1. Students must have financial need (fill out FAFSA)
2. GPA of 3.0 or higher
3. Must be a U.S. Citizen or resident
4. Must be enrolled or have taken college algebra (pass with C or better)
5. Must be an engineering or computer science major

1. Must meet with a mentor 3 times a semester
2. Must enroll in Special Projects course, MAT298AB #36330, on Friday from 2:15-4:15pm
3. Must watch and comment on a minimum of 7 ASU videos (videos are created by ASU faculty which cover things from resume writing, how to get a 4.0, career paths, etc)
4. Must go on ASU field trip (date: TBD)
5. Must submit a career and interest paper (more info provided at orientation with student recipients).
6. Must attend orientation (date: TBD)

Applications can be submitted here:

Due date: August 27th

For more questions, please send them my way.
Office: MON245
Phone: 623-935-8596

30 March 2018 C.E.

Introductory Remarks

Welcome to BIO182. Since you have already made it through BIO181, you already know that biology courses are full of information and require learning a huge number of new words. This course is no different. There ARE large differences between this course and BIO181, however, and I'd like to say a couple things about two of those differences.

BIO182 is a hybrid course, and perhaps you have never taken a hybrid course. This means that the course is partly a live (in-person) course and partly an online course. So we will be meeting only twice per week for a lecture and a laboratory exercise. While this is convenient for students, because it allows for greater schedule flexibility, it comes at a price. The price is extra responsibility. One thing that you likely learned very well from BIO181 is that it is very difficult to do well if you try to put off studying until just before an examination or a due date. You should put that lesson to good use in this course, because the online half of BIO182 will require an extraordinary degree of self-discipline. Therefore, the biggest mistake you can make in this course is to think that having only two weekly meetings means that you don't have to think about BIO182 on the other days. PLEASE start the term off well and commit to setting a schedule for yourself, so you can be sure to devote some time to this course each day.

The other big difference I want to discuss is one of scope and level of study. BIO181 was biology at the intracellular level. We spent the entire term "inside the cell". BIO182 studies biology at the extracellular level, so we are going to "step outside the cell" and study life's other levels of organization (organisms, populations, ecosystems, etc). We're also going to delve much deeper into evolution as a topic. Introductory two-term biology sequences can be (and are) taught in either order (cell level first or cell level second). I happen to think it makes more sense to study biology at the cellular level first, but some instructors prefer the reverse. In any case, you have already completed study at the cellular level, so I hope that you can put your BIO181 knowledge to good use as we continue our study of biology from a now wider perspective. I encourage to you to try to make connections between what you will learn in BIO182 and what you already learned in BIO181.

It is worth taking some time right now looking at the various items that are on this website. After the term starts, you will be very busy, and if by then you already know what's available here to help you, you'll be able to work as efficiently as possible. The menu at the left might contain some items that are not yet active links. That's just because not everything is ready yet, but eventually all menu item will be activated.

There are two details you should take care of as soon as possible. Those are the two electronic forms that are available here. The Rules Consent Form is absolutely required. If you do not submit it by the end of the first week of classes, then I will withdraw you from my class. The Bonus Points Form is not strictly required, but it is the only opportunity you'll have for any extra points in this course, so it is foolish not to submit that.

You should also realize that checking the website FREQUENTLY is absolutely required. If you'd like to receive automated email notifications of new announcements, then simply join the list.

Even if no announcements are posted for several days, you still need to check for new announcements, because announcements will be official (and therefore binding). Always use the refresh link at the top to ensure you have the latest information.

I'll see you in class.