Dr. Ty C.M. Hoffman
BIO205: Microbiology
Estrella Mountain Community College

This is my twenty-fourth course as an instructor, and I have many years worth of teaching biology at all levels, from atoms to the biosphere. However, this is my first time teaching Microbiology (i.e., specifically BIO205). Since this is my first time, I strongly recommend using the same textbook that I will use for the course. It is listed below. While this is a STRONG recommendation, it is officially only a recommendation, and if you feel that you would perform better with some other Microbiology textbook of your choice, I will allow it. Please do realize that you must have a textbook, though.

BIO205 (Microbiology)

Microbiology: An Introduction (13th ed.), by Tortora, et al. (ISBN 0134605187)
Earlier Editions (Any of these is fine for this course, and they are substantially cheaper.)
12th Edition
11th Edition

Other resources that might be helpful:
OpenStax Microbiology

Dictionary of Word Roots and Combining Forms, by Borror (ISBN 0874840538)

All of my examinations will feature questions whose information is taken directly from my lectures (all of which will be recorded).