Dr. Ty C.M. Hoffman
Maricopa Community Colleges

Summary of Doctoral Research

Spring 2015 C.E.
BIO182 (EMCC Section 35220, R 08:00)
BIO182 (EMCC Section 35218, R 13:00)

Fall 2014
BIO182 (EMCC Section 39870, W 08:30)
BIO182 (EMCC Section 20356, W 13:00)

Archived Courses
BIO107: Introduction to Biotechnology
CHM113: General Chemistry I
BIO156: Introductory Biology for Allied Health
BIO181: General Biology for Majors I
BIO182: General Biology for Majors II
BIO182: General Biology for Biology Majors II Laboratory
BIO201: Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO202: Human Anatomy and Physiology II
LSC365: The Human Organism Laboratory
LSC348: Fundamentals of Genetics Laboratory
BIO353: Cell Biology
BIO354: Cell Biology Laboratory
BCH371: Modern Concepts in Biochemistry
BCH372: Modern Concepts in Biochemistry Laboratory


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